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We are CIT

Colombo Innovation Tower (CIT) is a new kind of epicentre created for South Asia. We are the heart of a network of courageous creatives and innovators. We aim to create impact through design with sustainable innovation and technology running through everything we do.


We were founded by Sri Lanka’s award-winning female entrepreneur Linda Speldewinde, whose idea has resonated with global collaborators who have joined in to realise the project’s potential.

We are part of the Design Corp Group of companies which launches ventures to bridge creative innovation and business. We are powered by AOD—Sri Lanka’s groundbreaking design educator.

A cross-disciplinary mix of brands, industry luminaries, exciting startups, veteran educators, global banks and training programmes are being brought together to create a community of international and local professionals looking at cross-industry collaborations. 

Colombo Innovation Tower View

Innovation by Design

One of our major strengths is our 15 year experience across fashion, graphics, interiors and digital design. Our design expertise covers Design Thinking methodologies with a particular focus on Circular and Sustainable design practices. We also believe in creating powerful User Interfaces and User Experiences (UI/UX) . We have strong relationships with international leaders who we continue to work with.

Design Thinking

One of our main partners is Silicon Valley design innovator Ms. Pauline Strijland. Design Thinking is a proven process that puts people's real needs at the centre of product development. Innovation outcomes are people and market-driven rather than technology-led.

Sustainable Design

Our Circular Design process, together with Dutch partners Circo mean that we can crack open serious problems to find new sustainable solutions. Product development is radically rethought to constantly evolve and provide solutions that work for the specifics of the South Asian region.

User Experience

Our User Experience Design is driven by a methodology that places the user at the centre, creating products which are intuitive to use, breaking down complex tasks into simple steps. Digital products become easy and enjoyable overcoming one major hurdle in consumer uptake.  

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